Gravity & Other Myths


Nominations for best choreography, best new Australian production and best light design – with their latest production, internationally celebrated Compagnie Gravity & Other Myths demonstrate once more what New Circus has on offer. Since their founding year in 2009, their work has been characterised by a focus on relationships and acrobatic virtuosity.
The means of expression are reduced – and this is probably why so centred – on their bodies. They use them as one uses language to narrate their stories, create new worlds and intense intimacy. The latter being paired with lightness and playfulness, trial and error, and trusting in oneself and society.


Orpheum | Recommended from age 8
Duration 80 min. (no break)


– Dates 2018 –
– Dates 2019 –


evening performance
Category I
ADULTS Euro 64,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 54,–
Category II
ADULTS Euro 53,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 43,–
Category III
ADULTS Euro 42,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 32,–
Afternoon performances
Category I
ADULTS Euro 59,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 49,–
Category II
ADULTS Euro 48,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 38,–
Category III
ADULTS Euro 37,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 27,–



Fotos: © Nikola Milatovic