Programme 2019

Dear clientele, dear friends of new circus,
once again in this year’s staging of the Cirque Noël Festival, it is my pleasure to be able to present to you a programme of extremely diverse and exciting productions from the genre of contemporary circus, an art form that is currently becoming ever more important as the result of many years of effort involving initiatives and festivals staged in this country too. Modern circus is fascinating for its broad range of expression, blending theatre, acrobatics, dance, visual arts and music. It recounts tales, is poetic, moving and intensely exciting. It deconstructs the idealised image of super-human artistes, concedes potential failure and engages with networks of human relationships. For you, Cirque Noël 2019 presents three outstanding productions of new circus. At the Orpheum you will be able to experience the extremely touching and intimate show by the Baccalà duo and the thrilling musical staging by Cirkus Younak from Slovakia, directed by Adrian Schvarzstein. It will be with the new and celebrated stage production by the outstanding Canadian company, The 7 Fingers, that the Cirque Noël premiere will take place at its new venue, the Stadthalle Theatre. On behalf of all the partners, artists and the entire team, I wish you moving, unforgettable moments at Cirque Noël 2019.

Werner Schrempf, Artistic director
21. December 2019 to 5. January 2020

THE 7 FINGERS (CA) | Stadthalle Theatre
CIRKUS YOUNAK (SK) | Orpheum Graz
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