Seasons, a musical circus-theater performance

from Adrian Schvarzstein
produced by Werner Schrempf, artistic director of La Strada Graz & Cirque Noël Graz,
coproduced by Theater op de Markt, Dommelhof, Neerpelt / Belgium
commissioned by Théâtre de Thalie, Montaigu / France



Baroque pop music, contemporary circus performance and the enormous lust for life of an Adrian Schvarzstein production: The director of legendary Circus Klezmer, takes the audience on a new and thrilling journey with his new production “Seasons”. A journey in which the paintings of Pieter Brueghel, the changing seasons and the cycles of life are combined in a most elaborate way. With an ensemble of musicians, actors, acrobats and artistes from eight different countries, the Argentinian artist combines live music from the times of father and son Brueghel with the elements of contemporary circus art. Thus he revives the paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries in the third millennium, in all their lust for life, absurdity, sense of humour and of course, the inimitable music of this epoch, interpreted true-to-style by artists of the renowned Neuen Hofkapelle Graz (AT) and Le tendre Amour (SP).

“Seasons” is a co-production of the Cirque Noël circus festival Graz (AT) and Theater op de Markt, Dommelhof (BE). Directed by Adrian Schvarzstein, the international ensemble of circus artists from Argentina, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland and USA is developing this project, which had its world premiere performance in December 2015 in Graz, Austria.
Visitors Statistics: From 18th December 2015 to 6th January 2016, 8,600 spectators attended SEASONS. Due to the high public interest, the original 15 regular performances have been increased by an additional show on the third january. The balance sheet of the first Cirque Noël own production "Seasons" is satisfying: an utilization of 93% of the capacities before Christmas and 100% after Christmas. That is from the 24th December to 6th January all performances were sold-out.


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Photo gallery

Fotos: Cirque Noël 2015, "Seasons" from and with Adrian Schvarzstein, © Nikola Milatovic


The Performers

Musicians of the Neuen Hofkapelle Graz
Lucia Froihofer: Violin, Viola, Graz (Austria)
Gabriel Froihofer: Percussion, Graz (Austria)
Georg Kroneis: Viola da Gamba, Violone, Graz (Austria)
Musicians of Le tendre Amour
Esteban Mazer: Musical direction, Cembalo, Argentinia & Spain
Katy Elkin: Oboe, Bagpipe, USA & Spain
Juan Ullibarri: Winds, Spain & Luxemburg
Circus artists & actors
Linn Broden acrobatics, Sweden & England
Ester Slanzi: acrobatics, Switzerland
Jonas Slanzi: acrobatics & Jongleur, Switzerland
Jenni Lehtinen: acrobatics, Finland
Sasu Peistola: acrobatics, Finland
Adrian Schvarzstein: Artistic direction & Actor, Argentina & Spain
Production Team "Seasons"
Werner Schrempf: Producer and art director (Graz, Austria)
Noémie Fonteneau: Production manager, International Touring (Graz, Austria & France)
Dagmar Mayerl-Reinprecht: Finances (Graz, Austria)
Thomas Mayerl: Production management, Technical direction (Graz, Austria)
Verena Kiegerl: dramaturgy (Graz, Austria)
Markus Boxler: Set designer (Graz, Austria)
Rosa Wallbrecher: Assistant Set designer (Graz, Austria)
Leonie Bramberger: Costume design (Graz, Austria)
Thomas Schröttner: Sound design (Graz, Austria)
Eugen Schöberl: Light design (Graz, Austria)