Compagnia Baccalà

Pss Pss

It’s no exaggeration to say that “Pss Pss” constitutes a little legend in terms of new circus headed for Graz. Because, through their poetic declaration of love for the silent movie era extending over the last 15 years, Compagnia Baccalà has not only delighted audiences more than 600 times in over 50 countries, but also won more or less all of the prizes that can be won in their genre – from the Cirque du Soleil prize to the Victor Award for the most popular show in America. Understandable for anyone who has taken part in this “hour full of joy”, as expressed in critical reviews of this mixture of contemporary clown performance, theatre and circus. Uttering not a single word, yet brimming with poetry, these two modern-day clowns captivate their audience with a timeless performance full of physical intensity, humour both loud and quiet, theatrical expression, acrobatic skill, and endless artful misadventures. All ensuring that their audience still has something to laugh about, long after the curtain has gone down. <br> <br>The story of Compagnia Baccalà begins the same way as classical love stories, with two passionate characters who set out together to make their dream come true. Here, the two artists are Simone Fassari and Camilla Pessi, who describe themselves this way: “We’re both from the circus, where we used to work, then ran away and created ‘Pss Pss’ – and the rest is history.” A story of success that began in 2004 and continues to be written to this day. He came from Sicily, she from Switzerland, and they met first during their training, albeit then going their separate ways after completing. Joining the company in 2008 came the artist, musician and mutual friend Valerio Fassari, followed in 2010 by the Belgian director Louis Spagna, with whom the story of international success began.

Orpheum Graz | for the whole family | recommended for kids over 9 years | duration: 65 min (without break)

– Dates 2019 –
christmas show
ADULTS Euro 54,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS  Euro 44,–
ADULTS  Euro 49,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS  Euro 39,–
ADULTS  Euro 42,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 32,–



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