Company 2

Scotch and Soda

“Scotch & Soda” is an intoxicating cocktail of fantastic theatre and furious live music – unique and thrilling. Director Chelsea McGuffin takes her wild bunch of hoodlums, day labourers and outsiders together with the audience to a dark bar that revives the atmosphere of the times of the Prohibition. Here acrobats meet the jazz musicians of Uncanny Carnival Band and are seduced into daring acrobatics by the enthralling rhythmic mix of New Orleans jazz and cabaret music of the 1920s.
In the course of the wild party, all the furniture becomes included in the acrobatic play. Elegant necks of champagne glasses are used for balancing acts and a bicycle quickly turns into a gym tool. These courageous, exceptional artists demonstrate impressive acrobatics on the Chinese pole and springboard. They do this with such ease, as if these virtuous artistic performances where a walk in the park.


Helmut List Halle | Recommended from age 12
Duration 75 min. (no break)


– Dates 2019 –


Evening performance
Category I
ADULTS Euro 64,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 54,–
Category II
ADULTS Euro 53,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 43,–
Category III
ADULTS Euro 42,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 32,–
Afternoon performances
Category I
ADULTS Euro 59,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 49,–
Category II
ADULTS Euro 48,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 38,–
Category III
ADULTS Euro 37,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 27,–



Fotos: © Jose Cardona