Air Play

“Air Play” tells of the adventure of two siblings, from their journey through the land of air. Here they encounter objects of unusual beauty: canvasses dancing in the wind, flying umbrellas, red balloons and huge dragons hover above the audience. A silken canopy makes the air we breathe come alive and the biggest snow globe we have ever seen will make us marvel and laugh.
This creation of US artist duo Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone combines circus and theatre with Daniel Wurtzel’s sculptures. With wonderful visuals and a huge amount of subtle humour, this poetic ode to childhood will inspire both the truly and the forever young in equal measure.


Helmut List Halle | Recommended from age 6
Duration 60 min. (no break)


– Dates 2018 –


Evening performance
Category I
ADULTS Euro 64,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 54,–
Category II
ADULTS Euro 53,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 43,–
Category III
ADULTS Euro 42,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 32,–
Afternoon performances
Category I
ADULTS Euro 59,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 49,–
Category II
ADULTS Euro 48,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 38,–
Category III
ADULTS Euro 37,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 27,–



Fotos: © Florence Montmare