Gravity & Other Myths

Many things might be simple here, but certainly not the acrobatics. Critics worldwide excitedly expressed their enthusiasm and the Guardian even splashed the headline “A Total Triumph”. The triumph in “Gravity & Other Myths”, as the title implies, is mainly over gravity, beautifully and creatively performed really close to the audience. Simple, in the sense of beautifully minimal, are the stage outfits, setting and lighting – which can be switched on and off by the artists themselves as they wish. The backdrop is a simple space amongst the audience and props are limited to a few hula-hoops and some balls. Indeed nothing more is necessary to engage with the audience in an intimate show, carried by great physical skill, twinkling eyes and the utmost suspense.


Family show | recommended from age 6
Duration 65 min. (no break)


– Dates 2017 –


evening performance
category I
ADULTS Euro 63,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 53,–
category II
ADULTS Euro 52,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 42,–
category III
ADULTS Euro 41,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 31,–
afternoon performance
category I
ADULTS Euro 58,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 48,–
category II
ADULTS Euro 47,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 37,–
category III
ADULTS Euro 36,– CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS Euro 26,–


*Charity show Caritas project Superar

On December 28th there will be a showing of A Simple Space in co-operation with Caritas Styria for the Superar project. Superar helps children to get a top-quality musical education free of charge. Making music together helps participants to foster their personalities and thus their potential in tomorrow’s society.
Fee for the charity show: Euro 70,-


Fotos: © Steve Ullathorne, Andy Phillipson